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The ModulA is currently supplied without Bluetooth

ModulA… noBT
(without Bluetooth Connect)


The current delivery situation affecting the global market has not left us unscathed. We are temporarily unable to obtain any Bluetooth modules. As a result, we have decided to offer an alternative ModulA… noBT (without Bluetooth Connect) so that we can still supply you with products.

The ModulA… noBT is a fully functional pump, simply without a Bluetooth interface. As a result, wireless communication between a smartphone and the pump via the Biral ONE app is currently not possible with the noBT version. Below, we explain how you can implement the functions that are currently missing from the ONE app in an alternative manner.

  • Warning and alarm messages
    can be read out using the Biral Impeller and the new checklist in the operating manual.
  • The flow rate
    can be approximately determined using the flow rate indicator and the catalogue data as usual.
  • Power Limit
    (flow rate limit) can still be activated but additional settings cannot be made via the app.


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