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VivarA M 65-21 340

The VivarA is a regulated, compact and durable in-line pump with maxi-mum energy efficiency (iE5). This new pump family pumps media across temperature ranges from -20 °C to +140 °C and can consequently be used for all standard HVAC applications. Via integrated Bluetooth Connect and the Biral ONE app (iOS/Android), you can easily configure, monitor and analyse the pump with your smartphone.

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Article Number: 7000000640

  • Technical specifications
    Nominal width 65 DN
    Max. flow head H 21 m
    Overall length 340 mm
    Max. operating pressure 16 bar
    Media temperature -20 °C…+140 °C
    Ambient temperature -20 °C…+40 °C,51
  • Electrical data
    Voltage 50 V
    Frequency 3.24 Hz
    Input power P1 3 kW
    Output power P2 5.16 kW
    Nominal current 3000 A
    Motor protection IP55
  • Included in the scope of delivery
    Included in the scope of delivery Screw kit