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VariA-E... RED

The VariA is the compact, regulated-speed in-line pump for medium to large heating systems. A finely differentiated range up to DN 150 and 18.5 kW offers the right pump for every operating scenario.

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  • Application area

    Medium to large heating and ventilation systems with temperatures from 15 °C to 140 °C with the RED version. As regulated or controlled version, the VariA-E adjusts its speed to the actual conditions within the system and thus operates distinctly more economically.

  • Arguments

    The VariA-E is a compact and highly durable in-line pump. As a dry-running design it can withstand higher operating temperatures that a comparable wet-running pump. With their IP 55 protection rating, the VariA-Es can generally be used in harsher environments than wet-running pumps. With its extended shaft this pump has significantly shorter dimensions than comparable designs and consequently copes better with tight spaces. The versions with discrete frequency inverter save even more space and the electronics can be placed in a user-friendly location. The VariA-E is available with or without differential pressure sensor and so can be operated in regulated or controlled mode with externally specified setting.

  • Control concept

    Know one, know them all. Biral pumps offer customers a major advantage: whichever one they buy, they know they are getting a familiar product that they can operate easily without having to read pages of complicated instructions. The Biral product family guarantees an identical control concept and maximum user-friendliness across the entire range.

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