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The new PrimAX boasts an above-average energy efficiency and standardised Biral control concept, which has been adopted from the ModulA/VariA. Various additional functions, such as the flow rate indicator and the unblocking system, make the pump a top product.

  • Product range
  • Application area

    The Biral Type PrimAX circulation pumps are intended for circulating fluids in the following types of system:

    • heating systems (underfloor heating systems, single-pipe and twin-pipe heating systems)
    • Air conditioning systems
    • Cold-water systems (cold-water systems are systems in which the ambient temperature is higher than the fluid temperature)
    • The pumps are suitable for use in systems with variable or constant pump delivery rates.

  • Arguments

    The PrimAX is not only a star performer in terms of energy and efficiency, it also comes with a range of useful additional functions and extras. A flow rate indicator shows the approximate flow rate, an unblocking system (pump vibrates powerfully when starting up) helps to dislodge dirt deposits after long periods of inactivity, and the Biral connector with screw terminals guarantees quick and easy installation of the PrimAX. Last but not least, the additional right-angle connector supplied as standard makes commissioning as uncomplicated as possible. And finally, the heat insulation shells used as standard reduce installation times and make further cost savings possible.

  • Operating philosophy

    The convincing new PrimAX features the standardised control concept adopted from the ModulA and VariA and, like its sibling pumps guarantees maximum user-friendliness. The pump is operated by a few simple manual operations on the clearly laid out and self-explanatory membrane keypad. The illuminated display of the PrimAX shows the most important information on the pump settings, operating status and the current delivery rate at all times. Know one, know them all.

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  • Energy efficiency

    With its above-average energy-efficiency (EEI ≤ 0.15), the new PrimAX was a class leader right from the outset. Compared with conventional non-regulated pumps in efficiency class D, the PrimAX makes energy and cost savings of up to 90% possible. That means that Biral customers can benefit afresh from government incentive schemes.

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