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The proven high-efficiency wet-running domestic hot water circulation/service water pump.

  • Product range
    Type Nominal width Max. flow head H Overall length Art. no.
    AW 15-2 DN 32 8 m 180 mm 1158620150
    AW 16-2 DN 32 11 m 180 mm 1161720150
    AW 401-1 DN 40 11 m 250 mm 1161400150
  • Application area

    The proven first-generation high-efficiency service water pump performs dependably in larger domestic hot water circulation systems.

  • Arguments

    Constantly regulated pressure on all line regulating valves guarantees the right volumetric flow rate and, therefore, constant convenience combined with maximum efficiency. With the maximum 8 mWS of the AW 15-2 and the maximum 11 mWS of the AW 16-2 there is a choice of two pump characteristics that are ideal for medium-sized circulation systems. The AW offers an economical alternative to the ModulA BLUE union pumps which nevertheless provides all the required basic functions.