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Multi-speed vertical high-pressure centrifugal pump with all parts in contact with pumped fluid made of stainless steel. With side-mounted compact frequency inverter (up to 22 kW).

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  • Application area

    Service water/Building services/Public amenity applications/Irrigation/Agriculture/Sports facilities/Water supply in buildings (domestic supply/baths/showers, etc.)/Industrial processes/Washing/Machine cooling systems/Rainwater utilisation

  • Arguments

    The HP-E range offers a comprehensive selection of multi-speed vertical high-pressure centrifugal pumps. Finely differentiated to suit the rated volumetric flow and offering the right number of speeds for the desired pressure. The HP-Es are fitted with a permanently attached, compact frequency inverter up to a motor power rating of 22 kW. Whether in an open-vented system with an actual-pressure sensor or in a sealed system with a differential pressure sensor. The pump regulates precisely to the desired pressure. Operation with externally specified setting is also possible. As well as their durability and extremely easy-to-replace floating ring seals, the HP-Es offer convincing ultra-high efficiency levels.